Physical access control: a key step to ensure smarter future

With the development of security technology, physical security has become more dynamic and interrelated. Modern access control solutions are more than simply opening the door, digitalization has brought many commercial benefits, which cannot be achieved by traditional models.

Digital transformation


Although the digital transformation of processes and systems has been successfully implemented in many industries and departments, physical security has changed from an independent isolation circuit to an intelligent network security solution, bringing a lot to the intelligent environment benefit.

But as more and more companies want to upgrade their physical security measures, they must consider a variety of factors to realize the maximum potential of access control and video surveillance. Most importantly, connecting physical security devices to the network brings risks. Therefore, with the continuous integration of these two fields, the information technology team is playing an increasingly important role in promoting the security integration of physical and network technologies.

No access control

During the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless control provides an effective, contactless way of using QR code readers and facial recognition to prove identity.

Contactless access control combines health and safety, while protecting entrances and exits, avoiding the need for contact-type shared surfaces, thereby minimizing the risk of infection. Such systems can be customized and expanded to meet precise requirements. However, with more and more open technologies and platform integrations, to succeed, it requires cooperation in the fields of physical security and IT.

Usage barriers

In terms of professional technology, service and knowledge, traditional physical security system suppliers and installers have established strong business models. The model of networking and the Internet of Things is changing. Traditional physical security vendors need to learn IT, open platforms, IP connections, and software integration languages ​​to adapt to market changes.

Importance of Cyber ​​Security

Connecting any device to the network has certain risks. Therefore, any manufacturer must know the steps required to protect the corporate network, not just modern connection technologies.

Unprotected cameras, access control systems, and IP audio devices can become backdoors to the network, and hackers can use them as access points. The proliferation of connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) may further undermine these vulnerabilities.

Network Security Precautions

Therefore, cyber security should be a key factor in the development and deployment of new security systems. Access control techniques should be developed based on accepted cyber security principles, incident reports, and best practices.

Acknowledge that the network integrity of the system depends on its weakest link and any potential sources of network exposure.

The future of access control

It is natural to buy low-cost solutions that are considered to have the same value. When some people decide to implement this solution to unleash their desired benefits and save costs, the limited life cycle of these technologies imposes a greater cost and reputation burden on their communities 4g lte module.

Ensuring corporate network security is essential

In addition, considering network security is very important to ensure corporate security. Combine network security technology with trusted providers to make security or corporate networks and deployment technologies more complete.

As we progress, the access control system will become a data collection point, and the access controller will become an intelligent I/O device. Two-dimensional codes for visitor management and biometric facial recognition for non-contact access control will increasingly be used as camera or sensor analysis for edge management.

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Physical access control: a key step to ensure smarter future

With the development of security technology, physical security has become more dynamic and interrelated. Modern access control solutions are more than simply op...

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