The choice of third-party payment gateway, you need to consider these factors!

The choice of third-party payment gateway, you need to consider these factors!

Payment technology supports more and more ways, global payments card processing fees which can be divided into

1. Online banking payments (bank cards)

2. prepaid card payment (esales)

3、Mobile phone card payment

4、Third party currency payment

Other features of each company are also to be considered when choosing a payment gateway.




4、Handling fee

5、Settlement time

6、Complexity of the interface

From top to bottom, many people may look at the handling fee, but it is not very important.

I have used a variety of network payment system interfaces, both paid and free, and the free fee is relatively low, but there are many gateways that are worse than the paid ones in terms of international settlement and functionality.

You need to choose strictly in accordance with the size of your site to get a better.

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How is the 3% processing fee calculated?

For instance, if $100 is to be credited, the total will be $100 plus the 3% fee. But $3 is merely 2.91%, not 3%, of $103: The processing charge would be short by 0.09% at $3/103 = 0.0291.

Is it against the law to charge credit card processing fees?

When customers use a credit card to pay at the register, a retailer may choose to impose optional fees. Surcharges are acceptable unless state law prohibits them. Businesses that decide to tack on surcharges must adhere to rules to guarantee complete openness.

Is it worthwhile to pay the convenience fee for a credit card?

Given that there are various cards that allow you to earn more than 3% back in rewards, paying an additional 3% in surcharges may be worthwhile. The Citi Premier® Card, for instance, offers a 5.4% return on purchases made in this area, so it's probably worthwhile to pay the extra costs.


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