Talking about the advantages of CNC machine tools, these 4 advantages are what customers need!

Talking about the advantages of CNC machine tools, these 4 advantages are what customers need!

1、Highly flexible

Parts of the processing of CNC machine tools, cnc machining service china mainly depends on the processing procedures, it is different from the ordinary machine tools, do not need to manufacture, replace a large number of molds, fixtures, do not need to constantly readjust the machine tool.

Therefore, the CNC machine tool is suitable for frequent replacement of machined parts, that is, for the production of single-piece, small batch products and the development of new products, thereby shortening the production preparation cycle, saving a lot of technology and equipment costs.

2、High processing accuracy

The processing accuracy of general CNC machine tool can reach 0.05-0.1mm, hr management system and the CNC machine tool is controlled in the form of digital signal.

For each pulse signal output from the digital control device, the machine tool moving parts will move one pulse equivalent (generally 0.05-0.1MM).

And the average error of the reverse clearance and pitch of the machine feed transmission chain can be compensated by the march of the digital control device, so the positioning accuracy of the digital control machine tool is relatively high.

3、The quality of processed products is safe, stable and reliable

Processing the same batch of parts, s19 95th in the same machine, under the same processing conditions, using the same tools and processing procedures, toolpath is exactly the same, good consistency of parts, stable quality.

4、High production rate

CNC machine tool can effectively reduce the processing time and auxiliary time of the parts. The spindle speed and feeding range of the CNC machine tool 5-axis joint machining center are large, so that the machine tool can carry out large cutting volume and strong cutting.

CNC machine tools are entering the era of high-speed machining. The rapid movement and positioning of moving parts and high-speed cutting of CNC machine tools have greatly increased productivity.

It can be used with machining center tool magazine to realize continuous processing of multiple processes on one machine, reducing the turnaround time between semi-finished processes and improving productivity.




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