Do Taobao credit card purchases count towards the annual credit card fee waiver frequency?


Annual credit card fees are a fate that credit card gateway cannot be escaped by bank credit cards, but fortunately, most bank credit cards have a credit card annual fee waiver current policy. If the user qualifies for the credit card amount or frequency of credit card spending within the credit card annual fee clearing cycle time, he or she will be able to complete the credit card annual fee waiver. Recently, I have been asked by some of my friends to know if this bank credit card payment in Taobao is counted in the credit card annual fee waiver credit card frequency. The next side of us to talk about these topics to discuss it.

A. Does the card Taobao payment count towards the annual fee waiver frequency of the credit card?
The first thing we will explain to you bitmain antminer s19 pro cena is that bank credit card payments in Taobao will be credited to the amount of transaction expenses, so it can be considered as the number of times the credit card annual fee is waived. Here to China Merchants Bank bank credit card to the big guys for example, China Merchants Bank bank credit card users, in the brush card validity period of one year single card transactions full of 6, China Merchants Bank or is the strategic cooperation of the merchant will carry out the advance waiver, online payment is counted among the.
Here is a reminder to everyone, credit card annual fee has been waived in the case, will still be indicated in the bank statement, but the display will be a little different from the non-reduction. Assuming that the annual credit card fee waiver has been considered, then a negative amount will be charged to the credit card statement, which will be taxed against the actual annual credit card fee.

Second, how can I swipe my credit card to get the full annual fee waiver frequency?

Nowadays, whether it is a credit card iot wifi module online transaction or a credit card offline promotion transaction, all count as credit card swipe frequency, so to qualify for the annual fee-free credit card swipe credit card frequency, in fact, or quite simple. For example, the customer opens the ant chant to carry out the payment on the POS machine of the enterprise, or is associated with the third party payment method according to WeChat, Alipay wallet on the e-commerce platform shopping expenses, including daily traffic travel, buy breakfast, etc. is possible.
I summary: card Taobao payment to buy things, but also can be credited to the credit card annual fee waiver frequency. It is not too difficult to qualify for a credit card annual fee waiver frequency, following the doorway I detailed above.

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