How to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them with a bigger kitchen

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It's easy to change the look of your kitchen cabinets without buying them, such as installing a new door and switching a lighting. Even something that seems minor like new handles help achieve a new look.

Improve The Appearance Of Your Kitchen With New Blinds


In this guide, we explore the various methods for updating your kitchen without having to install a set of kitchen cabinets. Some are more time-consuming and costly than others, but you can find one that is as budget-friendly as possible.


Kitchen cabinet refinishing is an easy and cost-effective way to give your cabinets a fresh new look. Not only can it be accomplished in a weekend's time but with best results, you should paint before lacquer the next day.

Annie Sloan notes that to paint kitchens with laminate cabinets you first need to dilute the paint in order to create a grip on the surface. If the cabinets are dirty or greasy, there is a chance that oils will be transferred onto the cabinet and ruin your paint job. Make sure they are completely dry before painting by using soapy water and a wire brush. Use rich spice colors to add hints of flavor and create tempting aromas before food prep even begins.

You can also use affordable kitchen cabinet doors. Rust-Oleum Kitchen Cupboard Paint is a great budget bodied option as it can be painted on already primed or even glossy doors without the need for specialty ingredients. The finish has matte properties and hardwearing properties, but would have beenhes away with ease. This paint is perfect for those with kids or pets.

Why cabinet handles need to be changed

Another effective way to update cabinets is to install kitchen cabinet handles that are new and on trend. You can buy handles from hardware stores or online – just make sure that you’re swapping like for like in terms of holes needed if you do not want to be drilling new.

Refreshing your kitchen is one of the best home projects you can undertake without bringing in experts.

For frequent items, like handles, it’s important to choose quality to ensure longevity and a sleek finish.

Hardware is no exception for decorating a home. Knurled or patterned designs are becoming more popular, allowing homeowners to express a bit of whimsy in their homes without overt behavior. These finishes are also more subtle and understated, appearing as a hint of playfulness in rooms that would often be formal and devoid of character.

3. How to replace old doors with new ones

Evaluate other options for replacing kitchen doors.

You may not have a huge budget for kitchen renovations, so replacing cabinet doors is a cost-effective way to make a difference without breaking the bank.

"Getting a new design for your kitchen can be easy and fun," said Debbie Forte, interior designer. Although the external fittings often take priority, there are many things to consider before you remodel your kitchen. To refresh the look of the rooms from the inside, think about matching your fixtures with fixtures in other rooms and think creatively about how you can renovate.

4. Add moldings to or refresh flat-fronted cabinets

Replacing old kitchen cabinets entirely with new materials like wood is easy using these two products.

Adding moldings, trim, or details to a flat-fronted cabinet is possible and can create a whole new look for your kitchen, whatever material you use. Ensure that the wood or MDF strips are cut nicely and applied evenly with adhesive and pins while ensuring that they are secure.

The paint you'll use is a water-based primer, which will require you to prep the old finish with sanding and remove any imperfection in order to preface the new paint with adhesive.


If you want to update your kitchen cabinets without actually touching them, as well as increasing visual appeal after dark with under-cabinet lighting, then this is the perfect task lighting for you.

With a focus on subtlety, light can be created both above and below cabinets without being in the way. These lights are designed by smart lighting expert 4lite to enhance the look of your kitchen cabinet accessories.

By using color-changing bulbs or LED lights, you can set the brightness and color so that it's appropriate for your needs. Whether you want cool blue hues while cooking, or warm tones when sitting down to eat. You can set these bulbs to automatically change with time of day, day of week, or even create a custom schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Using new smart lighting technology, you can create beautiful appearance to your kitchen and highlight newly acquired objects with ease. Once you have the right technics, changing the color of light in a room is as easy as turning on a light switch. LED strip lights are great to use in cabinets because they offer a stronger contrast than ordinary lighting.


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Do cabinets have to reach the ceiling?

It is typically ideal to keep the tops of the cabinets well below the ceiling when there are ceiling beams present, whether they provide real structural support or are purely cosmetic (which is frequently the case).

Can wood filler be used over screws?

The screw hole can be filled with wood filler. Just be sure to sand it smooth and level it so it matches the rest of the wood.

How are stiles and rails calculated?

Measure the rails and stiles' dimensions. The width of the rails is determined by subtracting the width of two stiles from the door's overall width and adding the depth of the panel groove/connection joint on each stile.


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