Why do American GIs like to drink whiskey?


American troops from the development to the maturity of 243 years ago, every time we think of him to experience a festive storage, and the same day, another invention also makes it all seem special, this holiday is not the United States of America's flag day - but our bourbon (whiskey) day. Whiskey is but one of the most important ofwhisky course these many fruit drinks that have kept American troops successful, and because of its presence, the 5.56mm cartridge also has a marriage that pales in comparison. Naturally, not all whiskey is bourbon, but those kinds produced in the United States happen to be, and since we have decided to analyze in depth the deep association between whiskey and the American GI, the close association between the existence of this dark drink and the GI's duty to his country must be taken into account. After the American War of Independence, the sugar trade was disconnected, when everything related to England was despised, and thus the old popular favorite, rum, was abandoned. Whiskey, on the other hand, quickly took its place at the heart of the American people and then into the hearts of patriots everywhere. The word "whiskey" comes from the original Gaelic noun "uiscebeathadh", meaning "water of life". It is rife in American military history, and there are countless instances of whiskey drunkenness - the water of life for American soldiers. on November 4, 1775, Congress authorized the rationing of whiskey to George Washington's army troops, and extraordinary performance in battle was rewarded with additional whiskey, which made whiskey drunkenness seem like an honor. In 1794, the U.S. government enacted a whiskey tax, which caused protests from Pennsylvania distillers and ranchers, who even clamored for a revolution. The result of this protest is the famous "WhiskeyRebellion" (Whiskey Riot).

By the early 19th century, rationing had increased and became an important - but not always active - part of the famous LewisandClarke Expedition. Lewis wrote in his diary during the expedition phase that his companions were constantly getting drunk.

For example, this entry from 1803.

"Sept. 14, 1803, almost to Marietta. it was after 11 o'clock before I considered it, and as two of my fellows were drunk, it took me a great deal of trouble to find them and bring them on board, they were drunk as a puddle."

Even today, the task of changing your drunken housemates is as tough as explaining relativity to your dog.

But imagine a round-trip journey from St. Louis territory to the Pacific Coast of Oregon, then a boat trip of about 8,000 miles, on foot, by boat and on horseback - while your companion spends most of the time constantly drunk. Don't forget that Lewis was also shot at by a partner in his own group during a hunt.

Not sure what happened... During the American Civil War decades later, this type of drink was used by American medical personnel to treat patients, it was used to calm the warrior's nerves, and was most often consumed in large quantities during breaks in the chaos.

Here's a cartoon from 1862 from the American "Harper's Weekly" (Harper'sWeekly). Some poor fool - probably called Jedidiah or Thaddeus or some 1860s name - is buckled into a barrel, a real whiskey barrel - and his friends stand around carpet and hard floor steam cleaner him laughing at him.

"That's a great looking barrel, silly!"

The 1862 Harper's Weekly recounts a soldier from the Mississippi Army wearing an old-fashioned barrel - a whiskey barrel - as punishment for alcoholism.

Imagine suffering a killer hangover and going into battle clad in a barrel. Alas, it seems that not all heroes are clad in cloaks.

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln also expressed appreciation for whiskey, while admiring the military tactics of Ulysses S. Grant (UnionGen. Ulysses S. Grant), a man who was known to be a heavy drinker.

In an excerpt from an October 1863 New York Times article, Lincoln was asked in an interview about Grant's penchant for alcohol.

"When General Grant was charged in presidentialKids21 hearings with excessive alcoholism, Mr. Lincoln would describe to them General Grant's past exploits, saying that if he could find the brand of whiskey Grant drank, he would push a barrel to all the other commanders. "

Fast forward to today and whiskey is still the alcoholic beverage of choice for Americans, especially those who serve in the military.


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