When a couple is so cold that they can't speak, what should they do?

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In some families, two people living together, the sound of a needle falling toremote vibrating the ground can be heard in the ice cellar.

Without words, both people will feel lonely, usually more, and will not remote vibratingbe able to feel each other's love, there will be no emotional connection, and you are more likely to divorce.

In my counseling practice, I have encountered three types of remote vibratingcouples who have nothing to say to each other.

This is based on my consulting experience and professional remote vibratingknowledge summary, you can look at it against and check whether you and your partner are also in the following situation, if so, your marriage is lit up with red lights and you need to address your communication pattern as soon as possible.

One person complains constantly, the other is always perfunctory.

It is often the woman who complains in marriage, and the man who remote vibratingis perfunctory. It has been the woman who has given so much to the family, it has been herself giving, compromising, even if it is a hard life with the other half, but she cannot accept that the other half does not love herself.

Although the wife gives a lot, she rarely gets the same recognition, praise, andremote vibrating affirmation from the husband. Even the husband feels that his wife's salary is taken for granted. As a result, the wife's heart will certainly be unbalanced, she will feel very aggrieved, since she cannot sense her husband's affirmation of themselves, and she will complain about the other half.

His wife is very indifferent to the complaint, the way to take a "negative response", either very perfunctorily, or to avoid communication at all costs.

If the wife is disappointed, and the husband does not feel his fault, then the marriage will be a big problem.

There was no fight or quarrel.

It isn't really a hysterical fight when a person feels angry at you. They still care about you and would love to receive love from you.

It can be a sign that your marriage is really breaking up if you don't even fight anymore. Because you have saved enough disappointment, you don't want to communicate anymore, you're completely dead inside.

The real departure is often silent and the heart is cold, often quietly. As long as there is a response, the relationship can be repaired.

It's my way or the highway, very selfish.

Marriage requires the involvement of two people, but if only one person is involved, support, family burdens can only be carried by one person, and then a powerful individual cannot carry them.

At first you will be angry, then you will feel aggrieved, then you will be disappointed, and finally you will feel like you are dead to your partner.

You can't feel a trace of love from him, only to doubt their own eyes on him at first, regret that they fell into such a bad marriage. It's hard to go on with such a relationship.

If your marriage is not happy, don't simply put up with it. Marriage is about making each other feel happy and loved.

When we step into marriage, our initial intention is not necessarily to go through all this pain, but to make ourselves happy.

There are many happy relationships in life, and good marriages are the result of business.

It is reassuring when two people interact in life and let their feelings flow between them.



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